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Solana Aquarium Review

The Solona XL 67 Gallon Complete Aquarium System

I own a 67 Gallon Solana XL Aquarium and Stand and I am extremely pleased with the system. The tank is well built and the size gives me plenty of room to keep a variety of freshwater community fish. The stand is built sturdy and the black color matched perfectly with my other furniture. The glass of the tank is crystal clear and gives a clear view of all the fish I have in the tank. My sons love standing a watching the fish swimming around in the tank.

67 Gallon Solana XL Aquarium and Stand - FREE SHIPPING
I am really impressed with just how well the built-in sump filtration system works. I have had to do very little maintenance and changing the filter bag has been very easy. Unlike some other pumps I have used, the pump included with the Solana XL 67 is quiet. With the doors on the stand closed I hardly notice it making any noise at all.

1000s of Aquarium Supplies up to 60% off at If you are looking for a tank that is 4 feet in length then you should consider getting one of these systems. They are worth every penny. They are high quality systems that work great for freshwater and marine tanks. The filtration system works better than any other filter I have used and makes the tank very easy to maintain. For the cost of the Solana XL 67 Gallon system, you won't find a better aquarium system.

Solana XL 67 Gallon Aquarium - Left Side  Solana XL 67 Gallon Aquarium  Solana XL 67 Gallon Aquarium - Right Side

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