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Hypostomus Plecostomus

Length: 12.0"
Sex: Male has slightly hooked barbels.
Feeding: Will eat tablet foods, and some veggies like lettuce peas and spinach. They will also eat scraps of flake foods.
Social Behaviour: Peaceful when young but adults show some territorial behavior.

Up Keep: Very hardy, can survive in many conditions, best to give them a minimum of 55 gallons. Also include lots of plants and hiding spots. They grow to become a large fish and require good filtration.
Breeding: Almost never in home aquariums.
Comments: This is the common Pleco seen in all pet stores. They are very tough and great at algae control. However they do produce a lot of waste and require good filtration. They should only be kept in larger aquariums. Smaller sucker mouth catfish should always be considered over a Pleco.

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