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High Spot Rasbora

High Spot Rasbora
Rasbora Dorsiocllata Dorsiocellata

Length: 2.5"
Sex: The female has a yellow colored caudal fin and a curved ventral line while the male has a straight line and a red colored caudal fin.
Feeding: Will take all types of foods.
Social Behaviour: An active and peaceful fish that does best when kept in schools.

Up Keep: Keep plenty of plants around the edges and a large open swimming space in the middle. Use floating plants to dim the aquarium light.
Breeding: Lower the water level and keep the temperature between 72 and 74. After male has spent 2 days in the breeding tank, introduce the female. After courtship the parents should be removed.
Comments: Rasboras are excellent community tank fish. Good for a first time aquarist. Many Rasboras will live peacefully with other types of Rasboras.

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