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Flame Tetra

Flame Tetra
Hyphessobrycon Flammeus

Length: 1.75"
Sex: The male Flame Tetra has stronger coloration while the female has a more rounded body.
Feeding: They will eat a wide range of flakes and small live foods.
Social Behaviour: A peaceful schooling fish that is great for a community tank.

Up Keep: Prefers darker gravel on the bottom with soft lighting. Flame Tetras will adjust to most tanks and don't have any real special requirements.
Breeding: Tank should have a temperature between 75 and 79 degrees with a pH value between 5.5 and 6.5. Place a pair into breeding tank and use live foods to encourage spawning. Remove parents when done.
Comments: Flame Tetras are perfect for a community tank. They are easy to keep and very peaceful. Once they have settled into their new tank the fish will start to show their beautiful colors. They are a good choice for a first time aquarist.

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