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Moonlight Gourami

Moonlight Gourami
Trichogaster Microlepis

Length: 6.0"
Sex: Males have orange to red coloration on their pelvic fins while females have yellow.
Feeding: They will eat flakes and vegetables including algae wafers.
Social Behaviour: A very peaceful fish that can co-exist with other community fish. Tends to be shy, do not keep with highly active tankmates.

Up Keep: They like to have plenty of plants in the tank with some floating plants. They prefer slow moving water. Tank should be roomy with central open area.
Breeding: Reduce the water level and if the surface is still the male will build a bubble nest. 500 to 100 eggs are laid and hatch in about a day. Eggs and fry are guarded by the male. Remove female after spawning.
Comments: Moonlight Gouramis are very peaceful and are good for a community tank. They are easy to keep and easy to breed. They are an excellent choice for a first time aquarist and first time keeper of Gouramis. Healthy adult Moonlight Gouramis will display a red iris.

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