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Upside-down Catfish

Upside-down Catfish
Synodontis Nigriventris

Length: 4.0"
Sex: Females are bigger and have a more rounded body with pale coloration.
Feeding: Feed them insect larvae and tablets but not algae.
Social Behaviour: Very peaceful even with other Upside-down Catfish. They are an excellent addition to a community tank.

Up Keep: Decorate the tank with broad-leaved plants, large roots and rocks. Provide them with places to hide.
Breeding: Eggs will be laid in a hole in the gravel and after hatching both parents will care for the fry. After 7 or 8 weeks the fry will start to swim in the upside down position.
Comments: If you want an interesting fish then you need to get a few of these catfish. They are named after the manner in which they swim. Upside-down Catfish are hardy and peaceful and are perfect for a community tank.

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