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Five-Banded Barb

Five-Banded Barb
Barbus Pentazona

Length: 2.0"
Sex: Males are typically smaller and more brightly colored.
Feeding: Prefers to eat live foods over flakes. They will accept a wide variety of live foods.
Social Behaviour: A peaceful, less active member of the Barb family. They will live happily with other peaceful community fish.

Up Keep: They prefer plenty of plants for cover and security when frightened. Provide plenty of plants and an open area for swimming. They also like the water to be slightly warmer than other Barbs.
Breeding: Difficult to breed. Pairs will match up and spawn with water temperature around 80 to 85 degrees. The female will lay as many as 200 eggs.
Comments: Those aquarists who like Tiger Barbs, but not the fin nipping, will like these fish. They are less boisterous and more peaceful than Tiger Barbs. Five-Banded Barbs are perfect for a community tank. They prefer to live in schools and it is a good idea to keep five or more of them in an aquarium.

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