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Red Phantom Tetra

Red Phantom Tetra
Megalamphodus Sweglesi

Length: 1.5"
Sex: The male has a red dorsal fin while the female has a white tip in the dorsal fin.
Feeding: Feed flakes and small live foods.
Social Behaviour: Very peaceful fish that should be kept with other peaceful community fish.

Up Keep: Keep in cool, soft acid water. Is picky about water conditions, regular partial water changes are needed. Use floating plants to dim the lights.
Breeding: Keep the temperature right around 70 degrees and reduce tank lighting. With good water conditions the fish will spawn.
Comments: A cousin of the Black Phantom Tetra, but not quite as hardy. Water conditions must be kept up. These fish like to live in cooler water temperatures. Keep water around 70 degrees. Best tank mates are other fish that like cool water temperatures.

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