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Xiphophorus Maculatus

Length: 3.0"
Sex: The male has the modified anal fin called a gonopodium.
Feeding: They will eat all types of flakes and live foods.
Social Behaviour: Very peaceful community fish.

Up Keep: No real special needs. They can live in a variety of water conditions. Provide some plants and an open swimming area.
Breeding: Easy to breed. Males will constantly chase the females. A female Platy will have babies about every 30 days. Provide plants and caves for fry to hide from the mother.
Comments: Great choice for a first time aquarist. A Platy is very peaceful and easy to keep. They are also very easy to breed. Sometimes a male may tend to be dominant and chase other males away. The best solution to this is to have three or more females for every male. If breeding Platys, be sure to provide plants for the fry to hide in. Commercial breeding traps are also an option but tend to cause much stress to the female that is placed inside.

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