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Thick-lipped Gourami

Thick-lipped Gourami
Colisa Labiosa

Length: 4.0"
Sex: The males are more brightly colored and they have a pointed dorsal fin.
Feeding: They will eat flakes, vegetables and algae tablets.
Social Behaviour: A very peaceful fish that is good for a community tank.

Up Keep: Shallow tanks are preferred with plenty of tall or even floating plants.
Breeding: Much like other Gouramis, the male will build a bubble nest. The pair will then spawn and 500 or more eggs are released. Eggs are kept in bubble nest and guarded by the male.
Comments: The Thick-lipped Gourami is a very peaceful Gourami that is very easy to keep. They do not get very large and will live peacefully in a community tank. When a pair is breeding they should be given their own tank. They are a good choice for the first time Gourami owner.

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