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Checker Barb

Checker Barb
Barbus Oligolepis

Length: 2.0"
Sex: The female Checker Barb is slightly fatter and not nearly as brightly colored.
Feeding: The Checker Barb will accept flakes and live foods.
Social Behaviour: They are peaceful schooling fish. Good for a community tank.

Up Keep: Place plants around the edges and the back of the tank. Leave an open swimming space in the middle.
Breeding: Place a pair in a separate breeding tank with temperature at about 78 degrees. After spawning in the plants the female will lay about 300 eggs. Remove the pair after spawning.
Comments: The Checker Barb is a very pretty, peaceful schooling fish that is good for a community tank. They are hardy and fairly easy to care for. If keeping Checker Barbs, keep them in a small school. Good choice for a first time aquarist.

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