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Peppered Corydoras

Peppered Corydoras
Corydoras Paleatus

Length: 3.0"
Sex: The male has a much larger, pointed dorsal fin.
Feeding: They will take all types of live foods and flakes. They have a fondness for tubifex and bloodworms.
Social Behaviour: Peaceful community fish and very social. Best kept in schools of other Corydoras.

Up Keep: Keep in a tank with very fine gravel or sand. Keep plenty of plants around the edges and some open swimming spaces.
Breeding: Very easy to breed. The female will hold a few eggs with her pelvic fins to be fertilized. Then she will find a leaf to stick them to. A water change will often encourage spawning.
Comments: Out of all Corydoras these are one of the most popular. They are hardy and and very peaceful. A school of 6 or more is and excellent addition to a community tank. Peppered Corydoras are great for picking up all the scraps of food that sink to the bottom.

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