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Electric Yellow Cichlid

Electric Yellow Cichlid
Labidochromis Caeruleus

Length: 4.0"
Sex: Both the male and female Electric Yellow cichlid display the same bright yellow color. However, dominant males will display dark black stripes on their dorsal, anal and pelvic fins.
Feeding: Electric Yellow cichlids will eat a wide range of live, pellet and flake foods.
Social Behaviour: Electric Yellow cichlids are one of the less aggressive Mbuna in the hobby and can be kept with other less aggressive cichlids. When keeping several Electric Yellow Labs together it is a good idea to keep several females for every male to divide the male's attention between the females.

Up Keep: Electric Yellow cichlids are rock dwellers and need plenty of rocks and caves where they can seek protection and establish their territories. They can be kept in a tank as small as 30 gal. but 50 gal. or larger is recommended.
Breeding: The female will carry her eggs and fry in her mouth to protect them. Keep a single breeding male with several females. Females will lay her eggs in a selected location to be fertilized by the male and then she will carry them in her mouth for up to 3 weeks.
Comments: I have placed them in the semi-aggressive because they will eat smaller fish. They do make good tank mates for other similar sized fish.

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