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Jack Dempsy Cichlid

Jack Dempsy Cichlid
Cichlasoma octofasciatum

Length: 8.0"
Sex: The male has pointed dorsal and anal fins.
Feeding: Enjoys plenty of live foods. Will also eat algae and vegetable supplements.
Social Behaviour: Territorial and aggressive, not recommend for a community tank.

Up Keep: Needs caves and roots for hiding places. Floating plants for cover are also preferred.
Breeding: Raise water temperature up to 28 C. The female will lay her eggs on a cleaned rock. Both parents will guard and care for the fry.
Comments: These fish are aggressive and tough. I do not recommend any tank mate that is smaller or can not take care of its own. My brother kept one of these in with a couple of Oscars and it seemed to do alright. If I was to own these guys I would get a pair and they would have their own tank.

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