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Bronze Corydoras

Bronze Corydoras
Corydoras Aeneus

Length: 3.0"
Sex: Very difficult to tell apart. Females may be a little larger than males.
Feeding: All kinds of food accepted. Has a fondness for tubefix worms.
Social Behaviour: Peaceful schooling fish, very social and does well in groups of four or more.

Up Keep: Very adaptable and hardy. Water conditions are not critical. Aquarium should have planted areas with an open space for swimming.
Breeding: For best results keep a school of several males and females. They will pair up and after fertilization the female will clean a surface area in the tank like a leaf or rock. There she will place a few eggs.
Comments: Very popular catfish. They are hardy and great community fish. They look very impressive in schools and an aquarist should keep no less than 4 in an aquarium. They are bottom feeders and will pick up scraps left by other fish. Great for helping keep an aquarium clean and the ammonia level down.

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