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Pictus Catfish

Pictus Catfish
Pimelodus pictus

Length: 4.0"
Sex: None discernible. Females probably chubbier.
Feeding: Omnivore, eats most foods
Social Behaviour: Peaceful, suitable for Community tank. Enjoy being with other community fish.

Up Keep: Care: Intermediate, pH: 5.8 - 6.8, Hardness: 4-8 dGH, Temperature: 72 - 75 F (22-24C)
Breeding: Egg layer, usually will not breed in captivity, caught wild then sold at pet stores
Comments: Warning: Always catch your pictus catfish in a plastic container. Pictus モstickersヤ ヨ their dorsal and pectoral fins ヨ nearly always catch in a regular net. These fins catch ヨ and will not come out -- because they have several times more barbs than a fish hook. Sting the way any catfish do.

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