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Serpae Tetra

Serpae Tetra
Hyphessobrycon Serpae

Length: 2.5"
Sex: Females will have a more fuller body than the males when it is time for breeding.
Feeding: They will eat all kinds of foods. Feed flakes and small live foods.
Social Behaviour: An active schooling fish that is best if kept in groups of 7 or more. They are known for fin nipping when too few are kept.

Up Keep: Very tough, hardy, resilient fish. Can adapt to a variety of water conditions. Tank should have plenty of plants and some floating plants to dim the light. Provide an open swimming space.
Breeding: Very easy to breed as they will readily pair up. Suggest placing pair in a separate breeding tank for best results. Remove pair after spawning.
Comments: The coloration of red body and black spot behind the eye, this is a very attractive fish. They are hardy and make a good fish for the first time aquarist. These fish tend to be fin nippers and should be kept in a good sized school. I suggest 8 or more. They are an active, attractive and resilient Tetra.

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