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Bala Shark

Bala Shark
Balantiocheilus Melanopterus

Length: 13.0"
Sex: Females have a fuller belly.
Feeding: Will eat a wide range of foods, live and flake food.
Social Behaviour: Peaceful, active schooling fish that should be kept with other of the same type.

Up Keep: Needs plenty of swimming space and should be kept in a tank no smaller than 75 gallons when full grown.
Breeding: Very difficult, and will probably not occur in an tank smaller than 75 gallons.
Comments: This is a peaceful active schooling fish that needs plenty of swimming space and a covered tank because they are jumpers. Shy but a fun fish to watch. They can get to be over a foot long so anyone who is going to have Bala Sharks should plan to have a 75 gallon or larger aquarium.

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