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Short-Finned Molly

Short-Finned Molly
Poecilla Sphenops

Length: 2.5"
Sex: Male has the distinctive anal fin, the gonopodium.
Feeding: Will eat algae and flakes.
Social Behaviour: Peaceful good community fish that will eat the algae in the tank. Males tend to fight a bit to decide who is the dominant male.

Up Keep: Needs warmer water with some salt to promote health. Good idea to have some hiding places and a few plants.
Breeding: Easy to breed as males will seek out female continually. Use a breeding trap to save fry from the mother when they are born.
Comments: Mollies are good community fish. Best to have one male and several females. They are prone to disease and live a short life span in the aquarium. Breeding, as with all live bearers, is very easy and most females are pregnant when you get them from the pet store.

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