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Keyhole Cichlid

Keyhole Cichlid
Cleithracara Maronii

Length: 4.0"
Sex: The female is usually smaller and the anal fin on the male is usually longer.
Feeding: They will eat flakes and live foods.
Social Behaviour: They are very peaceful for Cichlids but are territorial.

Up Keep: Use fine gravel or sand for the aquarium substrate provide some hiding places with rocks or roots. Make sure to leave an open swimming area.
Breeding: With the proper water conditions they will lay up to 300 eggs on a cleaned surface. Best water conditions are slightly acid water with a pH of 6.5 and temperature between 73 and 79 degrees.
Comments: Probably the most peaceful Cichlid. Very easy to keep but should be kept with other fish of similar size. They can scare easy.

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