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Leopard Danio

Leopard Danio
Brachydanio Frankei

Length: 2.0"
Sex: The female is slightly plumper in the body.
Feeding: They will eat all types of live, frozen and flake food.
Social Behaviour: A peaceful schooling fish.

Up Keep: They are very hardy and can live in a wide range of water conditions. Longer aquariums are better suited for these fish. Provide some plants to the sites and back with an open space in the middle.
Breeding: Very easy to breed but it is best if water is shallow and the tank is well planted. Remove the parents after spawning to keep them from eating the eggs.
Comments: The Leopard Danio is a cousin to the Zebra Danio. They are very hardy, very easy to care for and very easy to breed. A great choice for a first time fish keepers or first time fish breeders. They are also good for cycling a new tank.

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