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Knight Goby

Knight Goby
Stigmatogobius Sadanunidio

Length: 3.0"
Sex: Male Knight Gobies usually have larger fins. The female Knight Gobies are usually smaller, fatter and yellowish in color.
Feeding: Prefers live but will take most flake, frozen, dried or sinking pellets.
Social Behaviour: Very compatible. They are shy and can be territorial, so not a good idea to keep with aggressive fish. They need a place to hide and to guard.

Up Keep: Best in a 20+ gallon tank. They can also be a little temperamental with water quality and they will be more active in a darker tank.
Breeding: No wide scale successes, sporadic reports of breeding are reported with little luck of raising the fry.
Comments: My Knight Goby has been very entertaining to watch. He has claimed his hiding place and will only allow certain fish to enter. He chases the others off but has never hurt any of them. There are also lots of other cool varieties of Goby.

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