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X-ray Tetra

X-ray Tetra
Pristella Maxillaris

Length: 1.7"
Sex: The male X-ray Tetra is more slender while the female is fatter.
Feeding: They will eat all kinds of frozen, live and flake foods.
Social Behaviour: Very peaceful community fish.

Up Keep: Use dark gravel and subdued lighting with soft, slightly brackish water. They are very hardy and will adapt to most water conditions.
Breeding: Very little effort is required to encourage spawning. Be sure to remove adults after spawning so they don't have a chance to eat the eggs.
Comments: X-ray Tetras are hardy, peaceful community fish, that do well in a community tank. They can adapt to most water conditions. They are perfect for a first time aquarist and a great choice for the first time breeder.

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