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The Rainbow Shark

Information on the Rainbow Shark, also called the Red-Finned or Ruby Shark.

The Rainbow Shark is a very popular freshwater fish that looks like a shark but isn't one at all. It has a streamline shaped body much like a saltwater shark and is a quick swimmer. It's body is grey colored while it's fins and tail are red. It also has a black patch towards the end of it's body near it's tail.

A very hardy fish, the Rainbow Shark will accept a broad range of water conditions. The aquarium should have one or two caves for the shark to hide in and use as a shelter. Other than that they are not picky about plants and gravel in the aquarium. Preferred water temperature is between 72 and 79 degrees. Make sure the tank is cycled before adding a Rainbow Shark.

The Rainbow Shark swims mostly in the lower level of the aquarium and spends it's time eating algae of gravel plants and aquarium decor. They are very fond of algae but will also eat flakes and even small fish that will fit in their mouth. These fish are great for cleaning up scraps of food that fall to the bottom of the tank.

To tell the male Rainbow Shark apart from the female the male has a black lined anal fin and is thinner. However, breeding them is very difficult because of their intolerance towards other Rainbow Sharks. Two Rainbow Sharks are more likely to fight than spawn but they could spawn if water conditions are optimal.

If you like sharks and want to keep one of your own this is a great aquarium fish to keep. They are territorial and may chase away other fish but they will rarely cause damage. In a good sized tank one Rainbow Shark is a great addition for its shark like appearance and ease of keeping.

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The Rainbow Shark, Red-Finned or Ruby Shark

The Rainbow Shark is a popular freshwater shark in the hobby today!

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