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Neon Tetra

Keeping and Breeding Neon Tetras

The Neon Tetra is easily the most popular of all freshwater aquarium fish. They feature brilliant red and blue coloration on their body and a shoal of ten or more Neon Tetras will look great in any community tank. They are peaceful and will mix well with most other community fish. Do not keep them with very large fish as they could end up being snacks for the larger fish.

Caution should be taken when first purchasing Neon Tetras. Make sure the tank is fully cycled before adding any and be sure to choose healthy looking fish. Watch them for the first few days to make sure no white spot or other diseases break out and be sure to treat any disease right away.

The tank used to keep Neon Tetras should have a dark gravel bottom with lots of vegetation. Leave an open area for swimming and use plants to provide hiding places when the fish may feel threatened. If tank water is kept in good condition with plenty of water changes these fish will ten years or longer.

To tell the male apart from the female Neon Tetra a female will have a more round and fuller body. To breed them, move a pair to a breeding tank with soft water and subdued lighting. After spawning the female will lay one hundred or more eggs. Remove the adults after spawning. The eggs will hatch about 24 hours later.

Neon Tetras are not picky about what they eat. They will eat small flake foods, brine shrimp and other small live foods. These fish are not hard to keep and make a great addition to most community tanks. If you're looking for a small, flashy, peaceful, community fish, this is the one you're looking for.

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Neon Tetra

The Neon Tetra is easily the most popular of all freshwater aquarium fish.

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