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What is a Fancy Guppy?

Information on the Fancy Guppy, the most popular live bearing fish in the hobby.

Today there are many different variations of the guppy. Because of the it's attractiveness and its adaptability, the fancy guppy continues to be one of the most popular aquarium fish for fresh water aquariums.

These fish have many beautiful variations and can adapt to most water conditions. They are peaceful active schooling fish. The fancy guppy is also very hardy and makes a good choice for starting a new aquarium.

The male fancy guppy has developed many beautiful color variations over the years and each one can be an attractive addition to an aquarium. They are easy to feed and will accept most foods. They require little upkeep and do well even in smaller aquariums. An excellent fish for the first time aquarist.

Guppies are live bearing fish which means they carry their eggs inside and the fry are free swimming when they are born. Breeding guppies is easy, requiring no extra effort by the aquarist. Males will seek out females continually as they swim together in the aquarium. All that is required is a breeding trap to seperate the babies from the mother at birth as the mother may try to eat them. The Fancy Guppy is the most popular live bearing fish in the hobby today.

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The Fancy Guppy

A Fancy Guppy makes a great addition to any community tank.

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