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Green Terror Cichlid

Care and Breeding of Green Terror Cichlids.

Green Terror Cichlids are an extremely popular Cichlid that is available in most pet stores. They are medium sized Cichlids, growing to be about 8 inches in length. They are easy to care for, very hardy and easy to breed. They feature a bright green and brown mix of coloration on the body with bright red on the edge of their tails. Their face has blue-green colored markings on the chin and older male specimens develop a lump on the foreheads.

Green Terror Cichlids are very territorial and aggressive. They show more aggression when breeding. These cichlids should only be kept in a species tank with other Green Terrors or with other Cichlids that are of similar size and disposition. As Green Terrors mature they become more intolerant and may terrorize other fish that are larger than them.

The tank should be fairly large and have plenty of rocks, caves and other hiding places. Though Green Terror Cichlids are hardy, it is a good idea to perform regular partial water changes. Keep the tank water between 68 and 74 degrees and soft to medium-hard.

Green Terrors are relatively easy to breed and pairs make great parents. Weekly 33% (1/3) partial water changes can help induce spawning. After laying their eggs the fry will hatch in three to four days. Both parents will guard the fry.

Green terrors will eat most types of food and have a special fondness for live foods. Because of their ease of keeping and hardiness they make good choices for the less experienced Cichlid keeper. Remember that they live up to their name and should only be kept with other tough fish that can defend themselves.

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Green Terror Cichlid Fish.

The Green Terror Cichlid is popular in the hobby today.

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