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Aquarium Fish Types

Types of Aquarium Fish Found in the Hobby Today

In a freshwater aquarium there are thousands of different species of fish available to the aquarist. The various types of fish found in the hobby today come from all over the world. These fish all have there own preferences for environment and social behaviour. I have divided up the species of fish into three categories. These categories are, Community Fish, Semi-Aggressive Fish and Non-Community Fish.

It is generally a good idea to plan out what fish you would like to keep in your aquarium. Doing research first is always a good start. You would not want to set up a community tank a find out that one of the fish you bought for in the tank is territorial and very aggressive. Plan ahead and figure out which fish types will mix well. Doing a little research and planning will save you money and hassle down the road.

Categories Of Fish Types:

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