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Egg Layers

Breeding aquarium fish that are egg layers

All other aquarium fish fall into the category of egg layers. These fish release the eggs, which are then fertilized by the male. The egg layers can be separated again into sub-categories according to how they care for the eggs. Some are egg scatters that scatter the eggs over the bottom. Mouth brooders carry the eggs in the mouth. Some build nests to hold the eggs.

Learning what way a fish cares for the fry is the first important part of breeding egg layers. A lot of egg scatters also find the eggs very tasty, so keeping the eggs safe after spawning can be a task for an aquarist breeding egg scatters. Nest builders need floating plants to build the nest around. Mouth brooders often only need to be paired up in the aquarium and left alone to do what comes natural.

Black Neon Tetra - Egg laying freshwater aquarium fish

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