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What are Cory Catfish?

Information on the most popular catfish, the Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish are a type of catfish that are generally small and are very peaceful fish. They make excellent additions to any community tank.

Cory Catfish are social fish and love to swim in schools of their own kind. It is not recommended to have less than 3 in an aquarium. If kept, the owner will see that they stay together most of the time and swim together in search of scraps of food on the bottom of the tank.

They are bottom feeders and they can help keep the bottom of the tank clean and free of rotting scraps of food. This serves as a great way to help maintain the overall quality of water in a tank. However it doesn't mean that no water changes will be needed.

Breeding Cory Catfish is not the most difficult thing to do. With proper water condions they will spawn. With a group of a few males and several females, the males will swim next to the female to encourage her to spawn. A "T" shape formation will take place and then the famale will deposit the egg on a cleaned surface.

There are many different breeds of cory catfish in the hobby. The more popular one is the Bronze Cory. Several others like the Arched Cory, Panda Cory, Skunk Cory, Bandit Cory and Peppered Cory can be found in most pet stores. Their ease of keeping and adaptability make them the most popular catfish in the hobby.

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The Panda Cory

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