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Breeding Aquarium Fish

Breeding Freshwater Aquarium Fish and Raising the Fry

On of the most fascinating parts of the aquarium hobby is breeding fish. It is always fun to pair up a male and a female fish then get the conditions in the aquarium just right so that they will have the desire to spawn. Take labyrinth fish for example. Breeding season for them in the summer so an aquarist must make the aquarium feel like it is summer for them to spawn in the tank.

Aquarium fish can be divided into two main groups when looking at how they breed. One group is the livebearers. These fish carry their eggs around inside them after spawning until the young have developed enough that they can swim on their own. Then they give birth to the fry. The other group is called egg layers. These aquarium fish release the eggs into the water when spawning and the male fertilizes them when they are released. These fish have many different ways of caring for the eggs after they have been released.

Female Auratus Cichlid Or Melanochromis Auratus

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