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Aquarium Filters

Choosing An Aquarium Filter

One of the most critical pieces of equipment for an aquarium is the filter. Filters provide a way to continuously filter toxins out of the water that build up from the inhabitants of the aquarium. If toxins are not removed and are allowed to get too high it can often be fatal for many types of aquarium fish.

Waste treatment control can be efficiently be done with a variety of different types of filters available today. One type of filter is placed under the gravel and uses air hoses or powerheads to circulate water through the gravel bed and up the tubes of the filter. These filters use the gravel bed as the filter medium. Other filters are called canister or wet dry filters. Some can be placed inside the tank and some stay outside the tank. These filters have their medium inside the filter that cleans toxins out of the water as it passes through the filter.

Recommended Filters and Powerheads

Leopard Bushfish

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