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Freshwater Angelfish

Keeping and Breeding Freshwater Angelfish

An extremely popular aquarium fish is the Angelfish. Often they are the choice of the first time aquarist, attracted to them for their unique shape and their social personality. A school of angelfish will readily come to the front of the aquarium to greet the person observing them. They are some of the more hardy fish available and make a good choice for a first time aquarist.

When buying Angelfish, the best plan is to get a group of six or more that are young and let them grow up together in your aquarium. Generally when fish are introduced to a new aquarium while they are young they will do much better. They will grow up in that environment and it will become their home. Older fish or adults tend to not be easy to introduce to a new home and new aquarium. The older they are the more stressful this can be on the fish.

Minimum tank size for freshwater Angelfish should be 20 Gal. and if they are in a 20 Gal. it should be the taller size and not the long and shallow shape. This will give them more room for their fins to grow without dragging on the bottom and getting damaged. The safe stocking level for a 20 Gal. tank is four Angelfish. I suggest getting the largest size of tank you can handle to make it easier to keep the water clean and the fish happy. The SeaClear Bowfront 36 Gallon Aquarium is a great tank for a group of 6 - 10 Angelfish and will become the centerpiece of the room that it is displayed in.

Angelfish are social and tend to swim together. As they grow up together males and females will pair up. These pairs will claim a territory and may drive other fish away as they prepare to spawn. If your planning to breed your Angelfish you may want to move the pair or a better option would be to move the others from the tank. The female will lay as many as 1000 eggs on a cleaned surface and both parents will take care of the fry.

Freshwater Angelfish are fairly easy to keep and will eat a variety of foods. I good food choice is TetraMin Tropical Crisps because it promotes bright colors and will not cloud the water as flake foods can. They can be found in many different color variations and are widely available local pet stores.

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Tropical Freshwater Angelfish

Freshwater Angelfish are extremely popular aquarium fish found in the hobby today.

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