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What is Bala Shark Bay?

Connecting aquarists with the resources on the web.

Bala Shark Bay Aquariums is an online resource site for aquarists. B-Bay focuses on connecting aquarists with other aquarists and with the resources to help the aquarist in all aspects of the aquarium fish hobby. The website offers visitors a one-stop place on the web to find anything that they would be seeking in this ever expanding hobby.

The information on B-bay has been gathered from various sources and put together to offer visitors a starting point to getting information about the hobby that they might be looking for. The forum also offers a place to post questions and answers as well as share tips and stories with other aquarists.

There is far more to know about the aquarium fish hobby than what a visitor will find here. This website offers a way to connect to the resources an aquarist would be looking for. We do not claim to be experts but only hobbyists and recommend using this information as a beginning source.

Bala Shark

Bala Shark Bay, an online aquarium fish community!

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