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Welcome To Bala Shark Bay

A Freshwater Aquarium Fish Resource Site

Bala Shark Bay Aquariums is a resource site, which specializes in aquariums and freshwater aquarium fish. We strive to provide a one-stop resource for everything an aquarist would be looking for. Whether it is information about the hobby or advice from another aquarist, you will find it here!

B-Bay features a database of species that can be found in the hobby today. The database is human edited so if you have a favorite freshwater aquarium fish that isn't in there, then be sure to add it! Your suggested aquarium fish will be added to the site as soon as it has been verified. For tips on breeding, there is a section with good advice on breeding egg layers and live bearers.

To learn more about the Bala Shark, a favorite freshwater fish of mine and the one that inspired the name of this site, Be sure to follow the link in the Aquarist Favorits section.

Welcome to Bala Shark Bay!

B Bay Species Spotlight

Leopard Bushfish

Leopard Bushfish

Leopard Bushfish belong to the Gourami family and can breath air just like Gouramis. They are peaceful and fairly hardy but will eat any fish small enough to fit in their mouth. They like to hide in plants and wait for small fish to swim too close. Provide them with plenty of plants for hiding and a good variety of frozen and live foods.
Temperature: 73 - 82
pH: 6 - 8
Community: Caution
Size: 5in.
Diet:Live, Frozen and Freeze Dried Foods
Up Keep:Beginner Level

Bala Shark Bay: Freshwater Aquarium Fish Resource!

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